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One-to-one coaching to help you connect with your wife, so that you can build a fulfilling marriage.

Have you ever…

…sat down over dinner and started telling your wife what happened at work – when she interrupts with “oh we need to make sure we…” and you think “Was she even listening?”

…turned off the light in bed, as you take your wife’s hand to get up the courage to ask if you can have sex, she pulls it away and you think “What’s the point of even trying?”

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Imagine instead…

…hanging up your coat, feeling tired from a hard day at work. Your wife asks “how was your day?” And you tell her about the frustrating meeting. And she listens.

…putting on your coat as you leave the house in the morning as your wife calls down “love you, go be great at work!” and you reply “thanks – love you too!”

Hi! I’m James.

Being married is a roller-coaster. It starts with ‘I can’t wait to see her’ as you finish work…but becomes ‘I’ve done something wrong’ when her number appears on your phone. I can show you how to become the Great Husband you know you can be.

As a certified coach, I’ve helped frustrated husbands discover their natural talents, connect deeply with their wives, so that they can build intimate, fulfilling marriages. I’d love to help you too. Get started by booking your free insight call with the button below.

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Start now with ‘Make Yourself Understood’

Right now, do you feel as if your wife doesn’t “get” you?

Have you…

…left the bedroom for work, as your wife says “You’re always so…” but you’re already out of the room so you don’t hear her. You sigh to yourself “I don’t need this right now.”

…walked into the bedroom after brushing your teeth and your wife says, “whatever happened to spontaneity in our marriage?” and you half-snap “Life is not Hollywood film – Pretty Woman doesn’t happen for real.”

If either of these sound familiar…

…then it’s time for you to take “Make Yourself Understood”

Discover why…

…at home on a Saturday afternoon, sitting down to watch TV, when your wife calls your name with THAT tone, you tense up and think “uh-oh what did I (not) do now?”

…as you start breakfast over the weekend, you realise your wife isn’t saying anything. You roll your eyes and think “the silent treatment? Again?”

You’ll learn to remove your barriers to communicating – in under an hour.

How It Works

You’ll complete a 30m online assessment and then get on a 45-minute call with me.

By the end of the session you’ll know:

  • your natural talents as a man and husband (and also get a customised report)
  • what it will take for you to start to build a fulfilling marriage
  • one personalised action you can practice immediately to connect deeply with your wife

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Make Yourself Understood

_One online assessment _One 45m coaching session



“Before coaching with James I was stressed, desperate and put pressure on myself. I held so much significance about people’s expectations. With James’ coaching, I have freedom.”

Farhad (name changed)

“James made me feel very supported and I have discovered my strengths [in relationships] but in normal day to day life too. I have realised from tools James has given me that my life is down to me and I am able to create opportunities.”

Ethan (name changed)

My ideas about men and masculinity have been featured in…

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