The steps to building your great marriage

A: Yourself As A Great Husband [5 sessions]

We’ll start by getting to know (and own) your natural talents and needs as a man – and a husband. Maybe you find yourself getting snappy when your wife starts talking “at” you – because what you really need is some time to relax before you can be with her 100%. This step is also about enhancing your own friendships with men so you have male support around you. By the end of this section, you’ll know how you can show your love in a way that avoids frustration, whilst having your needs met, AND knowing you have  backup outside your marriage.

B: Your Marriage [4 sessions]

Here’s where the rubber hits the road – this part is all about your wife. If you’ve ever felt as if every conversation could turn into an argument – you’ll find out why AND practise prevention. As you start to talk openly, you’ll begin to clear frustration and remove barriers to intimacy. By the end of this part you’ll be creating great times with your wife – on purpose.

C: Your Future [4 sessions]

Time now to take it to a new level – expressing your leadership and building a partnership with your wife from the ground up. If you’ve ever worried about feeling stifled or constrained in your marriage, you’ll discover the importance of keeping true to yourselves as individuals to strengthen each other. The result is a marriage that’s built on small actions, done regularly, with the support of family and friends. You’ll be ready to nurture yourself, your wife, and your marriage through the natural ups and downs of life.